Last Updated: 05/29/2012

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Here is a listing of helpful information for using and creating content for this website. If you have any suggestions for new topics to be added here, or any other questions? Please let us know by posting in the discussion section! How do you post in the discussion section? You click on the "double text bubble" discussion icon on the top-right of the page:
at which point you can select an existing thread to comment on, or start a new thread by clicking the "+ New Post" button on the top-left.

How to Make a Wiki Page

While not necessary for editing a page, you may want to create a Wikispaces account. Creating an account is free, and lets you personalize your Wikispaces experience as well as track your own changes. Links for both signing in and joining can be found on the far top-right corner of the website.

Create a Project Listing

The first step is to pick which section to list the wiki page in. For example, the Global Ozone Project is listed in the Science section. Navigate to the appropriate listing page, and click the edit button (next to the discussion button shown above).
In the "Projects" section where other pages are listed, create a new listing with the wiki page title, a short description of the wiki page, and the author of the content within the page (the original author of the material, not the wiki page author, unless the wiki page is for hosting new content). Ensure that the listing is part of the bulleted list, that the page title uses the "Heading 2" font, and that the author is italicized. The wiki page title given in the listing page will also be the name of the wiki page itself. Once you have done all this, save the page by clicking the "Save" button (top right), then click on the link to the page to begin creating the actual wiki page.

Create a Wiki Page

At this point, when you clicked the page name on the listing page, it should take you to a blank page with a drop-down menu up top. The drop-down asks if you'd like to use a template for the page. You should select the "external website" template, at which point a new page will be created using that template. From here, just fill out the content. For general structure, feel free to refer to other pages such as Google Lit Trips or Global Ozone Project. In general, the headings break up the document into different sections, which will be displayed in the Table of Contents in the upper right portion of the page. Once you're done, click the save button, and voilĂ ! You have completed your wiki page!

A few tips:
  • Try to include embedded images and video to help make the page more visually stimulating.
  • Don't forget to update the "last updated" field up top.
  • You can preview changes without saving by clicking the "Preview" button on the upper right corner.
  • Once you're done with the page, you can add keywords to you page by going to the "Pages and Files" link in the upper left corner, finding the new page, and adding those keywords. This will make the page easier to search for, if searching by topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I've finished creating a wiki page, but it doesn't look right. What should I do?
If you're unsure that you made your page correctly, just post a message in the discussion forum so others can know to review your page.